Frank Mentzer is Reading My Mind

A lot of my recent blog posts have centered around conventions and tournament games.  I guess that’s not too surprising.  The convention season really starts up for me right around this time each year.  After the holiday lull, I find myself doing last minute prep for games I’ll run at TotalCon in February, making plans for my own mini-con HelgaCon which happens in April, and preparing to deal with the madness that is GenCon hotel registration, which opens this Tuesday.  Though the conventions are spaced out several months from each other, each sees a little flurry of activity in January.  The tournament thing has come up both because I’ll be running a couple sessions of the A-series modules at TotalCon, and all the articles I’ve been reading in the early Dragon Magazines recently.  And of course because tournaments are really innately linked to conventions.

So there I was last Friday, idly browsing through the internet, and the thought struck me to check out what the Dragon Footers’ response was to the announcement of the 1e reprints.  Yeah, OK, I was bored.  The news by now was a bit stale, but I haven’t read the Dragons Foot forums in ages.  I didn’t find what I was looking for, but what I did find was this post by Frank Mentzer, made just hours before I logged in.  In it, Frank poses the question “do you think that enough of us attend conventions to warrant the resurrection of old-school tournaments?”

Crazy!  How strangely serendipitous is it that I chose that time and day to check DF after months of not reading it?  And is this some kind of weird group-think that the same topic is on our brains?  I certainly don’t flatter myself into thinking that Frank even reads my humble little blog, never mind draws inspiration from it.  I have to assume this is just some kind of bizarre coincidence.

Naturally, I spewed forth a long and overly-excited response, probably tripping Frank’s fan-boy filter when he read it.  Well, I’ll have to see if I can squeeze in some questions about his ideas at TotalCon.  I have conveniently not yet registered to run anything at GenCon yet…

2 thoughts on “Frank Mentzer is Reading My Mind

  1. Hey Roberto, yeah I’m definitely going this year and planning on running some stuff. Not sure exactly what yet, but I’ll post here when I figure it out.

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