Pre-Con Thoughts

So tomorrow starts TotalCon.  I’m trying quite a few new things this year.  To start, I’m attending the entire convention but did not get a hotel room.  The new house is only 30 minutes from the convention, and last year I got a hotel room and had terrible insomnia combined with annoyingly loud neighbors.  I figure any lost sleep due to travel will be made up by actually sleeping well in my own bed.

Last year I ran several 8 AM games.  Frank and Tim draw the biggest crowds in the old school corner, and I didn’t think there were that many players interested in old school to go around, so I picked the time those guys don’t run anything.  Turns out Frank and Tim are not the only late risers at the convention, in fact I regularly struggled to get enough players for my games.

Actually, this was fairly common in the old school room.  Usually there were about 4 games running, which condensed down to 2-3 once things got rolling.  Good news is, by having us all in the same room if I didn’t get enough people to run a game it was easy to just join in whatever else was running nearby.

This year I decided to push my games a little later.  The next available start time is 10, so that’s what I went for, without realizing that it makes for a kind of awkward time frame of 10-2.  And of course this meant I would slightly overlap Tim and Frank’s 1 PM games.  Hmm, perhaps not the best idea, but I decided to just go with it just to see how it turned out.  Again, worst case I don’t get enough people to run the game and I go find something else to do.  Now there’s one more little wrinkle: it turns out Frank can’t make it this year.

So, I’ll be very curious to see how this all turns out.  News to follow…

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