Eldritch Entertainment

Noticed on Facebook this morning that Tim Kask has announced a new website for Eldritch Entertainment, his joint-venture with Frank Mentzer, Jim Ward and Chris Clark.  Most notable in this update is the actual release of products for sale.  The site is clearly still in the work and seems to be changing by the minute.  Tim mentions in his post the availability of both PDF and print books, but so far it looks like the site only actually offers the print books.  A little digging uncovered the PDFs for sale on RPGNow.

For the past couple years I’ve played in a fair number of Tim and Frank’s games at TotalCon, and have heard before that we were play-testing future products.  I may even have an early signed proof hanging on my game room wall.  So I’m pretty excited to see that they’ve made it to market.

Now the only question is, do I buy up the PDFs right now for some e-reading on the flight out to GenCon next week, or do I wait in hopes that they’ll have some shiny new books for sale at the convention itself.  I suspect the answer may be both.

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