Hints of Things to Come

So if not playing D&D, what the heck have I been spending all my time doing?  Well, I’m not quite ready to get into specifics, but I can relate a few interesting facts:

First of all, I will be attending PAX East this year, and not for the D&D.  In fact, I’ve never been to PAX East before as I favor gaming-centric conventions, and while PAX does have some PRGs that’s not the thrust of that convention.  This year though, I’m going for a specific purpose: I’m going to be talking on a panel.  The schedule hasn’t officially been posted yet, but here’s what a friend (and coordinator of this panel) posted on their forums:

After the Endgame: Indie Studios Founded by 38 Studios Alumni

38 Studios closed in May 2012, almost a year ago. We’ve gathered seven former 38 devs who decided to make indie games, possibly due to a deep-seated love of ramen. Board games, mobile games, and PC games are all represented, and it’s guaranteed to be much more interesting than my forum post!

Secondly, I will not be representing Subatomic Studios at this panel.  I will be there on behalf of a different development group, a very small one that began late last May before I was even hired on at Subatomic, and one that much to the detriment of my D&D playing and many other leisure activities has been consume evenings and weekends ever since.

Finally, there’s a reason I’m writing about all this to this blog.  Let’s just say for now that it’s likely that readers of this blog will find what I talk about at that panel of interest.  So for those that will be at PAX East this year, I recommend you swing by the Naga room at 4:00 PM on Saturday the 23rd.  For those that won’t be there, I heard a rumor there may actually be a live streaming webcast.  I will certainly post info on the latter as soon as I have solid information.

And honestly, as soon as I can post anything more solid here I promise to do so.  Hopefully that will actually be before the event itself, but certainly no later than that.  Sorry to have to be so cagey about it now.  Hopefully you will enjoy the antici…

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