TotalCon: Last Minute

I finally found a few minutes to seriously make plans for TotalCon this year.  I missed the event registration long ago, and with the new job I’m pretty short on vacation days for this sort of thing anyway.  I knew I at least wanted to attend Saturday, and then when a friend also mentioned interest in going, we decided to share a room and toss in Friday night as well.

Well, our registration was done barely in the nick of time.  I managed to get some tickets for a couple games, and snag one of the few remaining rooms at the hotel.  I signed up for Tim’s game both Friday and Saturday night, which by the schedule is actually the same game.  I know in the past he hasn’t been exactly rigorous in running exactly what the schedule says, and there weren’t tickets left to anything else good in those times.  It’s possible too that once on site I’ll be able to swap into a different game or play a pick-up game on the fly.

Just in case, I’ll be bringing something with me to run myself as a pick-up game.  If there are enough people milling about the old school room that it warrants an extra game, I’ll be happy to throw something down.  In the past the problem has more frequently been not enough players, but you never know.

So if you’re going to TotalCon and you like old school games and you don’t have anything solid planned for Saturday night, come find me.  I’ll be in the old school room and will need very little persuading to run something.

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