Wandering DMs

Dan Collins, aka Delta, and I have been talking about games with each other for many years now.  Whether its bouncing ideas across our blogs (see our Through the Ages series), or chatting in between games at HelgaCon, we tend to have very productive conversations.  I tried to call it debating and Dan very aptly corrected that to brain-storming.  So the question we get asked from time to time is, when are we making a podcast?

OK, maybe it’s just the two of us asking each other that question, but it’s been floating around for a long time and finally yesterday we pulled the trigger.  Podcasting seems very 2008 though, so instead we turned our eyes towards streaming.  You can see the product of our first livestream archived on youtube here:

I’m sure as our first attempt it’s a little rough, but we’ll smooth the edges as we go along.  Our current hope is to hit a schedule of every other Sunday, with the next one scheduled for Sunday the 23rd, at 1 PM EST.  Follow us on YouTube so you don’t miss any!

4 thoughts on “Wandering DMs

    1. Well thank you sir. I’m actually kind of looking forward to seeing if the chat aspect of live streaming comes into play on our next stream.

  1. Enjoying these, though I’m just listening to them like podcasts, which I prefer (Sorry. You guys are pretty and all, but I’m not sure the visual really adds that much to the discussion).
    ; )

    1. In fact, that’s probably a very reasonable way to consume them. We originally discussed doing it as a podcast, but then were worried we might feel pressured to do a bunch of audio editing before posting them. Doing it as a live show helps us feel OK about not really editing the thing. 🙂

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