Mirror, Mirror – OSR Edition

To follow on from the news from lat week, there’s now also an OSR edition of “Mirror, Mirror” for sale on DriveThruRPG! It is compatible with all the classic versions of our favorite fantasy roleplaying system, as well as the various retro-clones out there. It differs from the 5e edition only in some fairly minor mechanical points, such as monster stats and trap mechanics.

“Mirror, Mirror” is an OSR adventure placed in a fairy tale setting. This adventure focuses on social interactions with a cast of complex characters who turn classic fantasy tropes on their ear, and challenge the players to navigate intertwined NPC relationships and moral gray areas. There are plenty of locations to explore and enemies to vanquish, but all against the backdrop of a complicated web of conflicting NPC motivations.

Three unique locations and six custom keyed maps are included for the party that chooses to infiltrate by stealth or force rather than negotiation. This adventure makes no assumptions on how any party may approach the challenges, and gives ample resources that will thrill players of any taste.

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