The Ghost of GenCon Past

Thinking about GenCon coming up, and the past GenCons I’ve been to, I decided to make a little post of links to my past GenCon experiences:

1992-2006 – Here’s a post I wrote back on the old blog listing every GenCon I had gone to in the period of 1992 (my first GenCon) to 2006, for a total of 8 times.  Not complete by any means, but it helped me remember which I had gone to and which I hadn’t.

2005 – The first time I blogged about going to GenCon.

2006 – Nothing highly notable coming to mind about this one, save for the heightened airport security we had to go through.

2007 – The year they announced 4th Edition.  We were there, and I remember hearing the announcement with much eye rolling.

2008 – The first GenCon ever without Gary, and sadly I’m still a good year at least away from discovering that the old stuff was the best.  Timing is just not my forte.

2009 – The year we didn’t go to GenCon and regretted it.

2010 -And now we’re into the new blog, and fully embracing old school gaming topics.

Which means this year will be my 12th GenCon over the past 20 years.  Man, that’s only a 60% success rate of attending GenCon.  We’ll have to get those numbers up.

And for bonus points, as I was digging through the old blog anyway, I just had to find out exactly what point in time it was that the old school bug hit me.  I think I can date it precisely: April 7th, 2008, though I wouldn’t really fully embrace it until a year later.

2 thoughts on “The Ghost of GenCon Past

  1. April 7th, 2008. A date that will live in infamy.

    Seriously, what the heck were we thinking not going in 2009?! That was just plain dumb.

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