Of Trees And Servers

You may have noticed this site hasn’t been loading for the past two days.  I apologize for the outage, but the fact is the server this blog runs on is sitting right here in my basement.  What can I say, my old-school tendencies reach beyond just gaming.  I’ve been running my own server since I was in college, and I guess it just stuck.  There’s something very satisfying though about knowing exactly where my site is.  I have complete control, and if anything ever goes wrong with it, I don’t need to go through anyone else, it’s all on me to fix it.

Of course, that cuts both ways, and basically whatever happens in my house affects the site as well.  What can bring down the server?  Well, the same thing that brings down trees:

Downed tree behind the house to the right was split right in half.


Downed tree to the left intercepted by other trees and the fence from crashing into our garage.

And of course this is just the two houses directly adjacent to us.  There were more trees down the block down, and power lines in the street as well.  The cops came and bocked off our street, and it sat like that for two days.  Finally tonight the power is back.  Thank goodness.

Hopefully now we can return to our regular scheduled geekery.

2 thoughts on “Of Trees And Servers

  1. Glad to hear you’re doing fine. Here in Montreal, which is by the way not near Toronto, 😉 we only had a day of heavy winds and rain. Now, I just hope you’re old school all the way and that your server is running *NIX or Linux?

  2. Both server and desktop are running Ubuntu 11.04. I’ve been Windows-free for several years now. Actually, I do keep a Windows box for playing games, but that’s all it’s used for. My day-to-day is all linux.

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