Play by Internet

I recently became aware of ConstantCon, an on-going convention of sorts being run entirely online all the time using Google+.  I find the idea really fascinating, and the calendar of events is really neat to look at.  Frankly I’m a little surprised it’s working at all, as I’ve never had any success with any kind of laissez-faire style of game scheduling.  Gamers I find are generally too lazy for that, they need to be told precisely when and where to go or nothing happens.

Of course it depends entirely on playing over video chat, an idea I’m not 100% sold on.  I’ve experimented with various online gaming styles across the years (play by post, openrpg, etc.) and none of them were ever very satisfying.  Is there something about Google+ that makes it particularly enticing?  I suppose I should at least try it and find out for myself.

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