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This year at GenCon I am considering running an impromptu D&D game for some friends that I only get to see at the convention.  That said, I don’t think there are quite enough of us to fill a table.  If any of my readers are attending GenCon and think they would like to join us, please let me know either via the comments below or hit the Contact Me button above.  The game will be either Thursday or Friday night starting around 7 and going until we are tired and want to stop.  Leave me your email address and I’ll get in touch when I’ve worked out the details.


6 thoughts on “GenCon Games

  1. Hey Paul,

    I’m in if you’re looking for someone with a french accent! (azkiel at if you want reach me directly)

  2. (Threadjack) French-accent anecdote from school today:

    STUDENT: Hello, Professor.
    ME: Hi, how are you? What class are you going to next?
    STUDENT: French class.
    ME: Don’t you speak French already?
    STUDENT: Well, they don’t know that.

  3. Hey guys, this is certainly happening. I’m thinking Friday night starting around 7. I’ll be in touch over email, but figured it was worth posting here as well. Just remember when buying your event tickets to keep your Friday night open!

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