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I have some interesting updates to share regarding the Wandering DMs youtube channel. First is a new series to run in the off weeks featuring Dan wandering around Peru and discussing D&D related thoughts inspired by his travels. As our live cast is every other Sunday, Dan will be posting a new one of these on the opposing Sundays for a stretch. They’re short and sweet, and feature some interesting locales in addition to the usual insightful thoughts on gaming. Here’s the first one:

I really like this concept and it got me feeling like I too should travel to some interesting locales to talk about gaming. If only I had the wherewithal to take some exciting vacations! But that got me thinking — in the wide world of the internet, not everyone is from where I’m from. Perhaps I could visit some local sites and it would be just as interesting to folks not from around my neighborhood? While our focus is generally D&D, when I think gaming and New England, my mind immediately jumps to Cthulhu, so perhaps I could counter-point Dan’s adventurous Peruvian videos with a few visits to some horror-inspiring New England sites.

But before we get to that, here’s the other bit of news regarding Wandering DMs. While we’ll be returning for our usual chat this Sunday, two weeks from them we’ll be wandering on over to TotalCon together. Our plan at this time is to do a series of shorter chats on site to discuss the games we’re playing and our convention experience in general. It’ll perhaps be a bit lower tech than usual, and I doubt we’ll be able to watch the chat window, but should be interesting to see what kind of conversations four days of straight gaming inspires.

Man, last weekend I couldn’t believe TotalCon was so close. Now it can’t get here fast enough!

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  1. I was just saying to Delta via email that you’ll probably be doing some videos of your own the next time you and the Missus nip ‘cross the pond to Old Blightey.

    Some New England wanderings would be neat, though. I remember actually feeling creeped out by mentions of locations around Boston when I read Lovecraft’s “Pickman’s Model”.

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