Free Mini-Adventure

One of the gems shared with me at the DMs Guild meetup for promoting your work is to extract a sample to give away as a freebie. And so as a slightly early holiday present I give to you The Sun Road, an introductory mini-adventure lead-in to R.A. Salvatore Presents: The Vile Crypt of the Reawakened Sisterhood.

Specifically it was recommended to me that I extract one of my custom monsters, so you’ll find in the above the stats for the Spectral Gnoll Priest. But I couldn’t leave it at just that, and ended up writing a couple encounters around the monster as a lead-in to the full adventure.

This also gave me an excuse to include a place for the party to find The Prayers of Yeenoghu, a stone tablet that acts as a rosetta stone for translating the hieroglyphs of the Tzakar-buru. This hand-out is included in The Vile Crypt, but since that adventure attempts to give the DM a lot of options on how to incorporate the adventure into their own world, it doesn’t dictate exactly how or where the party obtains it. The Sun Road takes one of the optional lead-ins from the text of The Vile Crypt and runs with it, thus providing the party with both the motivation for finding the crypt, and their first clues towards locating it.

I hope folks find this enjoyable. It seemed to me a pretty clever way to promote my work, so I figured I’d give it a shot. Please do feel free to share around the link to anyone that you think might be interested. Even if you don’t run The Vile Crypt for your players, perhaps there is something useful you can extract from this give-away for your own game. Enjoy!

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