2020 TotalCon Games

As mentioned on Wandering DMs, I am an insane person and have signed up to run a ridiculous number of games at TotalCon this year. A couple of them did sell out to the early-access badge holders, but there’s still quite a lot available. So if anyone is interested in gaming with me, here’s my schedule:

Thursday at 1:00 PM4 hours166Something Stinks in StiltonSOLD OUT
Thursday at 7:00 PM4 hours229Mazes and MonstersSOLD OUT
Friday at 1:00 PM4 hours674The Vile Crypt of the Reawakened SisterhoodSOLD OUT
Friday at 7:00 PM4 hours226Closed for SwimmingSOLD OUT
Saturday at 10:00 AM2 hours134Bossfight For Breakfast
Saturday at 1:00 PM4 hours886The Vile Crypt of the Reawakened SisterhoodSOLD OUT
Sunday at 10:00 AM2 hours161Bossfight for Breakfast

A good mix there of some horror and some classic D&D. I’ve reserved Saturday night for my usual bout of fiery death at Car Wars followed by watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I mean, I have to take some kind of break from GMing, right?

EDIT: Most of my stuff is sold out at this point. TTE does do wait lists, I can’t comment on how likely those are to work in your favor. But please do say hello if you see me at the con!

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