TotalCon in T minus 24

24 hours from now I will be running my first game at TotalCon.  You can expect radio silence on this blog for a few days, as I have a pretty full schedule, but I’ll have plenty of reviews to post on Monday when I return.  Here’s my schedule if anyone at the convention cares to try and bump into me.  Asterisks indicate games I’m running.

1-5 * O101 The Vault of Zerduzan
7-11 * R128 Checkpoint Zulu
10-12 * O202 Bossfight for Breakfast
1-5 – Real Life Intercedes –
7-11 * O211 Outdoor Spoliation
10-12 * O304 Bossfight for Breakfast
1-5 O305 HYPERBOREA: The Lost Treasure of Atlantis
7-9 M314 Car Wars NE Regional Championship
9-11 P310 Rocky Horror Picture Show
10-12 * O402 Bossfight for Breakfast

Like a crazy person I’ve decided to run even more than I ever have before.  Mostly though that was just adding in more Bossfights to my schedule.  In the past I’ve always given Sunday a total pass, but the convention is so close to home I thought I should get some last licks in before leaving.  On Friday afternoon I will be taking a short break from gaming to attend to a personal errand.  That I suppose is the flip side of having a convention so close to home.  As such, I won’t get to play in any games until Saturday afternoon.

I think this is my third year playing in the Car Wars game, which is ridiculously fun and meshes well with my desire to catch Rocky Horror in the evening.  While technically a 4 hour game, I find it not difficult to drive like a maniac and get myself blown up by 9.  Driving the car with heavy ram plates helps.

I will also have a few copies of Insanity Cards on me in case anyone missed the crowd sale.  While I can’t offer the discount the crowd sale reached, I can at least save you some shipping and handling if you want to grab one of them at the convention.  I have my own copy which I’m excited to use for Checkpoint Zulu on Thursday night.  Hopefully I’ll remember to grab a few pictures of the game as we play, as I’m sure I’ll have plenty to post about it afterwards.

OK, really just wanted to post this as a personal reminder when posting reviews of the games next week.  Also, maybe it’ll help to have my schedule on a webpage I can hit with my phone as I stumble about the convention in a sleep deprived haze.  I can’t wait – see you all there!

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