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I am alive, but barely. I am totally exhausted and I suspect I will fall asleep well before sundown tonight. Thank you so much to my brothers Max and Christian, and my good friends Dan, Lauren, Mike, and Colleen for making my birthday such an epic affair. We played D&D for four days straight and it was glorious.

Dan and I, as I’m sure you all know, host a youtube channel called Wandering DMs where we’ve been live streaming discussions on old school D&D and tabletop roleplay in general. We recently started simultaneously casting our twitch channel as well. And so we decided this year for my birthday we’d live stream our traditional D&D marathon that is my birthday party.

We streamed a grand total of 24 hours, 13 minutes, and 16 seconds of D&D. The archives are available for now on twitch, but more permanently on youtube, where I’ve created a special playlist of the whole thing. Or, if you prefer, here is an index of all the sessions:

As our first ever live play stream the tech was a work in progress. The cameras I’m glad to say generally worked pretty well, despite the occasional elbow bump. The audio took us a little while to iron out. I’m afraid the first three parts have some unfortunate reverb in the audio, but by part 4 we managed to fix it.

We had a great time, and found the streaming to be a pretty enjoyable addition to our game. We especially liked poking in on the chat now and again and seeing what our friends online were saying about the game. I think there’s a good chance we’ll look for future opportunities to do more of this, though perhaps not so much all in a single go.

I will likely have more analysis of the dungeon to post in the coming days. It was the second half of Dyson’s Delve, should any of you like the DM’s experience of following along as the players explore it.

Now I have to go see if I have enough energy to put away all the gaming materials and A/V equipment before I pass out.

8 thoughts on “Birthday Live Play

  1. 24 hours of DMing is no joke; thanks for taking the time to stream this and let us have a look into an ORDelta game.

    I was only able to catch a bit of the “live stream” (saw the entirety of the dragon battle Sunday morning and some “town stuff” Thursday or Friday night), but I do intend to check the recordings when I have a chance.

    You are indeed fortunate to have the friends and freedom to run this kind of marathon session; I admit to being more than a little envious! : )

    1. Yeah, I think if I were to recommend any part of it it would be the final part. You may not get all the funny references in the denouement bit at the very end, but the climactic battles were pretty great.

      I’m glad to hear you enjoyed what you did catch!

  2. It was delightful! I had so much fun watching and following along in my copy of Dyson’s Delves. Next best thing to being there bouncing dice with all those wonderful folks.

    You handled the material magnificently and all of the players were completely on point. I’m listening to their Sunday morning pre-Paul plotting session right now.

    I’ll see if I can write up some reaction on my blog once I’ve watched thru all the videos, ‘cos there was an awful lot to love about the whole experience. Lots of highlights. So awesome!

    Game on, Wandering DM’s! Game on!

    1. Wish you could have been there. Though we also really enjoyed seeing your comments while we were playing. If D&D were a broadcast sport (which it practically is these days), we all agree you’d be the best commentator in the biz.

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