From the Magic Table: Wagon of Transmutation

Wagon of Transmutation

This sturdy wooden wagon has four wheels and tack to fit a pair of draft horses or oxen. It can carry up to 1500 pounds of material, has a driver’s bench that can hold two passengers comfortably, and can be fitted with an optional canvas cover. When empty, arcane runes are clearly visible burned into the bed, which can be easily identified as alchemical in nature.

When non-living materials are loaded and transported in this wagon, they will transmute into a different material as the wagon moves. For each mile the wagon travels, 10 pounds of material will be transmuted into something else. By touching the appropriate rune before loading the wagon the target material can be specified by the user, otherwise the target material should be randomly determined. The transmutation magic should retain the material’s state (solid, liquid, or gas) and will neither create nor alter precious gemstone.

The DM is encouraged to be inventive with types of materials produced by the wagon of transmutation, but some ideas include: marble, granite, sand, coal, pumice, wood, lead, copper, iron, wool, burlap, silk, glass, paper, soap, water, beer, acid, vinegar, honey, pitch, molasses, or maple syrup.

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