From the Magic Table: Paper of Human Control

Another trip to the magic table is in store for us today. Let’s see what we roll up.

Paper of Human Control

Usually found in stacks of 3-10 sheets, this paper while finely made appears fairly normal in all other regards. Depending on where it is discovered it may seem unusually well preserved, for it will magically resist wear, tear, and aging regardless of how it is kept. When detected, however, it radiates a very strong Enchantment magic. If used to create a contract or agreement, its magic will be revealed as soon as the signatories inscribe their names.

Each person signing anything written on the Paper of Human Control must immediately Save vs. Spells or be affected by a Geas spell compelling them to fulfill what is written in the contract. The Geas is fairly literal in its interpretation of the text, and a clever victim may be able to resolve the curse through some unforeseen technicality. The magic does somehow seem to be able to detect the number of signatures required to enact its binds, and will not activate until the final signature is inked.

When using this item in game, Game Masters are encouraged to actually write out the contents of the agreement, or require their players to do so, rather than rely on a verbal description. Having a physical reminder of the exact wording may become key down the road for interpreting what may or may not constitute fulfillment of the agreement.

For determination of any save difficulties or level checks when attempting to break the enchantment, treat the Geas spell as if it was cast by a maximum level caster with an 18 in any required attribute.

5 thoughts on “From the Magic Table: Paper of Human Control

  1. Love it. I can imagine an adventure based around finding an ancient one, missing only one signature, with an effect of binding the spirits or bones of the other signatories to undeath until their task is complete.

    1. It would be a really great plot hook. I’d be tempted to make the existing signatory some demon or demi-god that promises all kinds of wealth, power, etc. in exchange for some crazy deed, perhaps even referring to names and places the party has never heard of. Do they sign it in hopes of actually gaining what’s promised?

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